Who We are

The Northwest GIS User Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for training, exchange of knowledge, techniques, and data among the users of Esri software and related GIS products and services.

You can become an official member of the Northwest GIS User Group by attending one of our conferences or signing up now. Becoming a member of the Northwest GIS User Group adds you to our distribution list for conference and other activity information, it also gives you voting privileges on issues that are presented to the general membership at our business meeting at the end of each annual conference. In addition to joining our user group, consider contributing some of your talent and time to help. Most of the need for help comes once a year focused around our annual conference. You can participate in many ways to help plan, organize or operate a conference. Your help will be greatly appreciated by all, you will be making a contribution to our GIS community, and you will have a great experience.




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