conference success strategies

Attendees: Perhaps more so than a traditional in-person conference, you'll get out what you put in with the virtual conference.

  • Get familiar with Whova and how to use it before the conference. You will have to create a free account. You can use the mobile application or the desktop website. Details coming soon.
  • Engage with other attendees. If you limit yourself to just watching the presentations you'll be missing out on an assortment of networking opportunities. We will be setting up discussion forums and video chats for you to connect with peers. Details coming soon.
  • Guard your conference days - Treat conference days as if you were leaving your office. If you bounce between the conference, work, and home life you will not get as much out of the conference. 


For the virtual conference we are requiring you to pre-record sessions. While this is new for some presenters, this opens the opportunity to present content that is often risky to try at in-person events (i.e. live demos and content beyond a slideshow). Below are some general tips for your presentations. 

Overview video

Other reminders

  • Customize the video for this event. If you make, or use, a generic presentation the audience is going to pick up on that. Treat it as if it were a live presentation.
  • Show your face! While we can't see you in person your audience will be more engaged if we can at least see a video of you speaking. We realize this may be difficult for some presenters depending on the software you are using. At a minimum have a picture of yourself in your intro slides.
    • If you can show yourself wear clothing that you would wear if it were a live conference.
    • Do not have a distracting background; keep attention focused on you and your presentation.
    • You do not have to show yourself the whole time.
  • If showing your computer desktop disable pop-ups and reminders. Little distractions can take away from your presentation
  • If you are running a live demo fast-forward or pre-generate results that take a long time to processes. Think of cooking shows that show you what step three looks like when done instead of waiting two minutes. Don't waste your twenty minutes.

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