What is Northwest GIS User Group membership?

The Northwest GIS User Group's mission is to foster and support users of GIS software and the GIS community in the Pacific Northwest. Our conferences and meetups provide a forum for training, exchange of knowledge and techniques. Membership fees fund these programs and provide you and your organization an easy and low cost way to help us support and grow the GIS Community.


  • Discounts
    Special pricing on conference registration and other events.
  • Certifications
    Your NWGIS membership can be used to apply or renew professional certifications, such as GISP.
  • Support and grow the GIS community.
    Your NWGIS membership fee will be used to provide conference and training scholarships for students and professionals looking to improve their GIS skills.
  • Membership Badge
    Let the world know you’re a part of the NWGIS User Group on your profile and beyond.
  • Newsletter
    Receive offers and discounts exclusive to members.

Join Now!

$10 of your registration fee at any NWGIS User Conference will be used as your membership fee for the remainder of that year and the next calendar year. You may also join anytime for just $10 by clicking on the ADD TO CART button below.

You can read our entire membership policy at

Northwest GIS User Group

NWGIS is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for training, exchange of knowledge, techniques, and data among the users of ESRI software and related GIS products and services.